The Teacher's Community Lounge, Inc.

A 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources to educators and families.

About Us

The Mission of The Teacher's Community Lounge

The mission of TCL is to provide a stress-free space away from the schoolhouse where educators can collaborate, plan, and relax. It is also our goal to serve as a community resource providing low-income families with educational and therapeutic resources to cultivate productive members of society. 

Our mission is guided by the following objectives:

  • To provide supplies and educational material in a working learning space for educators and families;
  • To promote the importance of educators;
  •  To encourage healthy, stress-reducing activities beyond the classroom; 
  • To host charitable events and fundraisers relating to causes important to the organization;

As a part of our three year strategic plan, we seek to 

  • provide tutoring and counseling services;
  • facilitate classes and educational activities for home-schooled families and early childhood centers

Board of Directors

Keisha Branch, CEO/President

Shelby Brown, Treasurer

Beverly Coleman, Secretary

Alexis Robinson, Board Member

Kamesha Spears, Board Member

Angela Frazier, Board Member

Linda Gaskill, Board Member

Rene Hodges, Board Member 

Melanie Joell, Board Member

Capric Lewis, Board Member

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The Teacher's Community Lounge, Inc

Cheltenham, Maryland


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